Curriculum Vitae

Dipl.-Ing. Ľubomír Ježo PhD. (1958) comes from the village Ladce in central Považie, Slovakia. He graduated from Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, field of study inorganic chemistry and industrial technologies. He has already been working for Považská cementáreň ( cement factory ) a. s. Ladce for 30 years at different management positions. He is currently working as a quality manager but he also engages in research and publication activity in innovations and management of cement quality. He is a family based man – he brought up 7 children and with his wife he is still bringing up 2 small children.

He is an amateur and often naive painter, who creates from his heart for his and his fellows' pleasure – recently also to support the building of a church in the village Ladce – all the exhibitions were and will be benefit.

He has been devoting to the beauty of stone and nature for more than 20 years, but only in 2011 he decided to introduce his works to public. Also in his professional life he works with stone, from natural stone limestone he creates extra hard artificial stone – cement stone. All his pictures are created on the base of stone, they are all in 3D version, so they are also suitable for viewers using Braille.

In his works he contrasts but also compares work created ( by nature or Creater - you can choose ) to work made up by human hands. Major part of work – that is all material, comes up from nature and minor part of human work lies in its shaping, sorting, positioning and fixing so that it would be tasteful, aesthetic, or interesting at least, and it would have some idea , or better, some story, too.

In his work life he tries to make things better, in his creative life (sometimes in a craze of creativity) he tries to make things differently. Most often it means – untraditionally, in a new way, or also “unconformably“, that is why his paint brush is a laboratory pipette and tweezers, his canvas is often a beautiful onyx stone and his pallet - beautiful semi-precious stones ( e.g. agate, amethyst, amazonite, aventurine, citrine, dalmatian stone, epidote, hematite, chalcedony, jasper, cornelian, crystal, opal, quartz, sodalite, turquoise, tiger's eye and others., which are in the form of so called tumbled stones ) and other varied crystals – natural and artificially made.

Last year he filed a utility model application for 2 new methods – ways of creating pictures by crystallization and the second way is creating pictures with separated material to mono-fractions at the Industrial Property Office in Banská Bystrica. These innovative methods are the basis of his work.

Nature paints such beautiful bunches by ice crystals on the windows that no artist could paint, no two snowflakes are alike. It was his inspiration, he tried to reproduce it a little and he uses natural crystals or crystals made by himself for their beautiful colours, unique shapes and total originality.

Also by creating pictures with mono-fractions he focused on comparing the outer beautiful, flat – polished surfaces with the same unshaped material – as if untouched by a human hand. He enables the viewer to look at the beautiful material – mostly semi-precious stones, not just from outside but also from “inside“. It is such a self-reflection to a person that in order that he could gleam beautifully from outside in life, he needs to be well disposed from inside as well.